BR6000 DSM DuaLink 6-Channel Bot Receiver

BR6000 DSM DuaLink 6-Channel Bot Receiver

The BR6000 is a specially-programmed receiver designed to include safety protocols for robot engineering games and challenges.

The BR6000 is an ideal choice for applications where it’s necessary to provide automatic shut down of systems (ie. weaponry, drive motors, etc,) during loss of signal to prevent an unsafe condition.

The BR6000 provides and added margin of safety for prototyping and general classroom use.

If you currently own a DX6 radio and are using it in a robot application, you’ll want the new BR6000 receiver

Key Features

  • Unique programming specifically for bot applications
  • Failsafe allows you to preprogram positions to shut down systems in case of signal loss
  • DuaLink™ (pat pending) incorporates two receivers in one
  • This ultralight receiver (7 grams)is the best choice for weight restricted engineering competitions
  • The rugged, compact design (39 x 39 x 9mm) makes it easy to integrate the BR6000 into any engineering project.

Shipping Weight: 7 grams

6-Channel receiver

6-channel receiver